Looking for MW2 clan

I don't like black ops and don't play it, so a blops clan isn't for me. Will be getting MW3 on/near release.

Looking for a legit, fun and active clan.

I'd like to join a clan where people are often playing matches together - private, competitive or just online. I can quickscope fairly well, but mainly looking for team objective matches.

Not looking for boosting, trickshotting for videos or ultra-competitiveness.

Anyone think they have the place for me?


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oh, and I'm 17 - so 18+/21+ clans aren't for me either.

hello,I am the creator of cravethegame.forumotion.co.uk we are a friendly community and even though we are newly established we have had positive feedback from all our members so far. feel free to message me if you have any questions, i personally love call of duties and you can always find me on them most evenings :)

hope to see you online :)

Hi Miss Wotsit - I had a look at your site before, but it seems to be mainly blops, and no mw2 - so not sure I'd really get involved much.

hiya, to be honest we are only just setting up and all of us have all different types of games, we havfe only been up and running since thursday evening/friday so we are still trying to get new members to get involved and get game nights going. I myself have all of the call of duties and if I am not on blops I am on that or cod4. I appreciate you looking at the site so thank you very much and hopefully if you change your mind then do not hesitate to join us for a few games to get a feel of what we are like :)

ok, well I guess I'll sign up then and see how it goes.

Will still look for a just mw2 clan too though

yeah of course feel free don't feel pressured into anything but your more than welcome to sign up if you wish to do so, if not I wish you the best of luck with the hunt for the clan :) there are plenty of decent ones out there :)