Hey guys, so me and a few friends of mine have been playing on this map lately, and now that we've gotten a pretty good amount of work put into it we're looking for some more people to play with.  We have completely made an entire city with distinguished districts, laws, currency and so forth.  There aren't a bunch, but we do have some rules for our game, a broad understanding is:

-No nametags or blips on, so you must wear one skin throughout or go to the city hall to switch skins.

-No mining on city limits, and laws only apply within the city, if you want to mine you must leave the city and cross the ocean to "survival island" (Large portion of map)

-Required to have a mic

-We play in survival.

Any other rules or anything can be explained later.  As a heads up, we built the city in creative and got to design houses (nothing in them) so if you get in touch with me soon enough I can get you in a creative game to build your house/business on city limits.  

Another thing, we're looking for more older people.  Everyone that plays or has played is at least 19 years old, so usually with our different schedule we play at night, sometimes very late.  

Any questions? I'll be free to answer them here and if I'm not on there you can always drop a message off at my xbox account (mirraklewhippn)

Holla at ur boi


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