Looking for more COD players that don't Cuss?

Yeah, I know its a bit of a stretch here to ask. But, I play COD 4, MW2, Black Ops and soon MW3. Now with the Splitscreen I'm on all the time with my family. So is there any other players out there that don't cuss and more family involved? Mostly just play for fun not into hardcore competitions as much.

Just hoping that somehow MW3 has the Splitscreen now that the whole family wants to play it now.

If you like to play like we do and don't cuss please let me know.


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I used to never curse.

Then I bought Modern Warfare 2.

Now I am cursing way more often than ever.

Call of Duty trained me to curse...

It's kind of hard not to cuss on Ops, with all the kids and campers. Sometimes you have to swear, otherwise you'd throw the controller through the screen. xD I'm sure there are family friendly clans out there for Ops though, try looking for one of those.

There shouldn`t really be "family friendly" clans out there,its an 18/mature rated game,kids shouldn`t be playing it anyway.

they need to start in the game shops,stopping parents buying these games for their 10 year olds.

Well, sometimes the "Family Friendly" clans are for parents who have kids in the house, and could hear the language. Then again, it raises the question: Why are the parents playing a Rated M game in front of the kids in the first place, if they don't want the kids to hear language? You have a very good point, Fists.

Ha, ha, that's funny Gameshoes3003. I can see why.

Great questions on here. First off. If I play it. My son watches either way. The funny part is. My son probably does better on the game than the most of the adults on there. But then again, What's even better is he is not a camper. We already have clans we are a part of and we don't have to use the cheat hacks to get a good game play like everyone else seems to be using on there now. These people just take the fun out of gameplay.

Fact is. When people are cussing they are muted anyway. Simply because I don't want to hear it. The intelligence of people always comes out in the Words that they can say.

The cussing isn't just for my son but nobody in the house wants to hear it.

I do find it funny however that I ask for people who don't cuss and these are remarks I get?

For those that gripe about kids playing COD? Would you rather them out in the streets with gangs destroying your car? That's what most of the kids do around this area. COD is very mild compared to what I see the other kids do outside here.

I think people who don't have kids need to start thinking more about what they would do if they did have them. COD is no different than little army soldiers. Plus my son is never allowed on the mic unless it's with people I know and in game play with myself. Very well monitored. And is not allowed to talk smack to people like I hear all the time on there.

Now hopefully there are more people out there that actually do the same and not just let there kids play it alone as a babysitter.

I just would like to talk more with people that know how to speak and talk normally instead of limited 4 letter words.

You have looked on the box and see it has an M rating haven't you....just sayin'?!?!

Blackxximus see above post, as for Mature, That would mean Mature, and somehow people who cuss and call names is somehow Mature? OK? That makes sense. lol

My son is quite a bit more mature than all the trash talkers on there.

Props for family friendly environment.  That's cool that your going the extra mile to regulate your children's interaction with XBL.   Game on!  I'll play some friendly COD with ya bud!  I'm on everyday in between 3pm and 9pm. 

It's nice to get a cool response as well. I'll Go ahead and add you.

I'm in AZ, Not sure how that goes time wise.

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