Looking for Minecraft/Halo4 custom players.

Just as the title announces i need more  friends who spontaneously, or frequently play Minecraft 360 edition, and/or Halo 4 Custom matches. I'd prefer if you were 15, or older and owns a mic, or at least a keyboard for fast replies. Thanks :3 

My GT: Grave sama

Also i often host Halo matches of cops and robbers, and a series called Sword Art. It's a halo RPG or as close as you can get to one at least. 


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I play minecraft, I'm not older than 15... I'm 13 actually and I'm working on getting halo 4.

Im 23.. uh I will add you but I only got halo 4 today and today is the first time I've played XB in 5months! (due to personal reasons).. tbh I dont like to much custom games as I like to rankup.. tell ya what you add me if you like

I am also in need of more friends who play both of those.

Used too be nothing but people on Reach before 4 came out. *sigh* Now it's mostly Netflix or *shutters* Call of Dewty.

Also, bonus if you have BF3.

PMs out!

Chad i know just what you mean. ESPECIALLY when it comes to Netflix lol, and yes i do have BF3 but all those add on costs were getting ridiculous so i stopped buying anything before their premium sherade. I called it that they were going to make another BF so i wanted to save my money for that instead.

I will add you when I next go on, Xbox is new to me so I go on minecraft almost every day, I'm 14 coming up 15 next month, I have mic too and I need more friends to play mincraft multiplayer too, feel free to add me if you want

I meet all the requirements except the age requirement. I am 14 but I will be 15 this April. So add me if you would like too.

Hello I am a good player, I play Halo 4 and Minecraft I´m 15 years Old please add me. I can be a good friend :)

Can any please add me I have only just started on mincraft and have no friends, please can anyone add me fluffyella