Looking for MineCraft Partners!

'Sup Guys?  As the title says, im looking for more friends that play minecraft! If you want to play with me, Please have a mic!!<----(Cant stress that enough)

          I have some pretty cool worlds im looking for help on, looking forward to making new ones with you peeps, and also looking forward to cheking out some of your worlds!                                   F.Y.I.    Im Also looking for some friends that might want to be in some minecraft videos/series that i will be putting on Youtube(Once i get my EasyCap, or something of the sort.)!! If you want to be in my some of my videos, just add a message to the friend request saying that you want to help!(once i get my easycap that is!)



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I can help you I also have a YouTube channel as well I hope you accept this and I love mine craft.