Looking for mature yet fun-loving gamers!

Hello guys and gals, your friendly neighborhood clown here and I'm looking for some buddies!  Please don't message me if you don't fit the subject title.  Looking for mature players.  Sorry little Timmy, that doesn't include you.  Please message me if you have a mic and are up to play!  I don't care much about my KD and I'm more into goofing around but winning at the same time.  If this sounds appealing to you, feel free to send me a friend request.  However, please tell me WHY you're contacting me.  Well that just about does it.  Have a great day everyone! :)


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I find it funny that this is coming from my class clown... But in all seriousness, I believe having fun comes 1st (although winning helps). However, I'm kind of subdued when it comes to having fun (that's the mature part). Basically, what I mean is this: if you mean being loud, annoying, obnoxious, arrogant &/or talking about your day in the middle of match, etc. - then I'm not interested; save that stuff for the lobby. Otherwise, I'm all about teamwork, communication, & concentration during the match. It's simply how I play & relax to relieve the stress of every day life. If you're going to live up to your gamertag & give me a headache or stress me out don't bother getting in touch. Otherwise, as long as you follow the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, I'm game.

You guys both sound like the type of guys I like to play with.  Not worried about k/d ratio and like to have a good time while gaming with mature acting adults.  I also like to play to relax and relieve stress.  Myself and the guys I play with at United We Play all have these attributes in common.  Please check us out at www.unitedweplay-uwp.org