Looking for Mature Xbox Live clan to join

Hey all Jarrod here aka JSTYLE916 I came back to Xbox live about 3 weeks ago after being away for almost 2 years. I enjoy long walks on the beach, GI Joes, etc just kidding anyway looking to not only make some new friends but to join a group or clan that is mature and most of all loves to have fun! Now I am not going to lie I am a little rusty and yes I get my butt handed to me a lot but hey I am all about having fun after all that's what games are for. My ideal clan would be FUN most of all and without the drama (no unrealistic requirements please, no elite clans), yes I said it lol no drama please I have seen a lot in some clans and it just ruins the overall experience (there's enough of if in our real life).  I am 35 years old in real life so I would prefer an adult clan to hang with, chat, and most of all game and have an awesome time. I am MST timezone and I love FPS and RPGs/Action games. Some of the games I play is COD Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3 (just got it), Skyrim, Fallout, to name a few. Anyway any recommends would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to send me a friend request if interested, laterz.....


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Hey I am Co-Leader of Clan PBndJ. Our clan sounds like what you are looking for. Our game of choice is MW3...but also play some others. If that sounds good go to our site in my signature and register and hopefully we can get you in sometime over the weekend.

Hey JSTYLE916 whats going on man I am part of Grim Creepers which is the clan that is right for you. We have Squads starting up on MW3, BF3, and Ghost Recon Future Soldier. We have just started in early june and our site is already top of the line with members you wont find anywhere else. We have mature players ranging between the ages of 18-40 and everyone gets along great from all over the world in the US to UK to even the UAE or Dubai. We are a rapidly growing clan and gaming community looking for the right players to get us to the top.

If you are further interested go to www.clangrim.com for more information and fill out a recruiting application. Or not sure yet visit the thread here on the clan discussion page. Hope Grim sounds like the right fit for you if not good luck in your search for a clan.

Hey, if your looking for a good person to play with, you can add me. I'm a co-founder of my clan UWCM, I'm currently the only one putting in any work for it haha, we help each other out on other games. Were kinda like a family, a bit dysfunctional but we come together in the end. Were mid 20's guys that just kick back and have fun, but we like to party up and get down to buisness!