Looking for Mature Gamers

Im looking for some more reach friends that play for fun.  Im not looking for pro gamers at all. just people who play to win but still has a good time if they lose a match or two


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Mature gamers? On the xbox forums?



mature as you know, fully developed people?

or people that act mature and dont rage quit nor teamkill?

I play for fun :D

I like to play for fun.

Add me if you like.

Depending on where you are time zones may make things awkward in getting games though.

I'm in Australia = GMT+11

Lol I play for fun and to win. I can take a loss if I deserve it, but I must admit that I tend to rage a bit if I feel cheated. I don't mean legitimately get cheated against (although that would make me rage as well) I'm talking about if I have an amazing game where I go like 25-3 and still lose.

Been looking for the same thing a while now... What I don't get is why it is so hard to find Mature Gamers? Are they a dying breed?

Go ahead and add me so we can stand defiant and victorious! Laughing all the way of course.

I enjoy playing with people that wont rage quit or get mad at his team because they took the sniper. It is just a game and now it seems like everyone is playing like their life is on the line. I have way more important things to worry about then losing in a video game

add me again ...i hit the wrong button and deleted.


I like to think of myself as a mature gamer. I'm a recreational gamer and not a "hardcore" or "underground" idiot who runs round and T-bags their every kill. In fact, I like to think that I'm a good sport and am in it to win. I can hold my own, typically, in a game of Team Slayer and I aim to win. However, I don't mind if I don't as I'll probably win the next!

You and anyone else who is interested are welcome to add me. I'm always playing Reach when I'm online, especially team slayer! I'll be online all weekend trying to get this annoying weekly challenge where you've got to win 50 matches.

pro but not really pro mlg circuit pro player here :P

like I said before, I play mostly for fun specially with the forum users and friends from here

we won like 7 matches in a row last friday night ♫

Well, I am mature and respectful to the kiddies, and look for them and all...but stay out of the way...If that is Game Mature.  Otherwise I am. Seasoned military vet and 20+ Year developer,  wizkid from the 80's...I and L33t educated and have my big brother watching me and those around me...though you will never know or be clever enough to prove it...so of I didn't flunk the exams I would like to hear what is on your collective minds...As for game play I have been pointed banes four some hackers in a private party rolling the slot jackpot...N00B oz pwaned...  But I still manage to play about 15 hours a day, max multiplayer kills/match: 8.


* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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