Looking for mature fun/not bothered about k/d gamers xbox one!

Hi I'm 50yr old male, I used to be part of clans for multiplayer games but they just get to competitive so Im going alone and want some new mature friends to game and have fun with, my k/d sucks but just enjoy gaming for fun so want like minded people to share good times with, not a clan just a group on live, I don't want gamers who say there no good then blast the whole opposite team to shreds, just players with a bad k/d like me who don't care about stats just having a good laugh while trying to win, if this sounds like you then message me here or xbox one cheers Ghostie!


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Hey GHOST what happen to the clan you was in....

I helped get them going and decided I'd had enough as no fun watching the clan dominate while I got my *** handed to me on a plate time after time then feel like I'd let them down, they were very supportive and said it didn't matter but it's to competitive so I left and just wanna game with others who think there no good either, why did you leave? I did message you on live but you never replied!

Sorry about that I have my settings set to friends only as you know playing COD games you get a lot of dirty messages. I am in the same boat Ghost I just play for fun I have my good games and a lot of bad games. for the clan and why I left I saw a lot of talk about K/D and clan battles this is not for me. I thank me and you was the oldies of the group so I set away from the clan it's a great clan but not for me. I have been posting on the Xbox forums looking for older gamers to play on the XB1 but only a few bites...