Looking for 'mature' Aussie gamers to play BFBC2 (and BF3 on launch)

Hey All,

My friends and I are looking for some 'slightly older' Aussies to play BFBC2 with.  We are a group of six guys, mostly late 20s to early 30s, some who have been playing since BFBC2 released and some who have just started playing in the past few weeks.  We generally don't have trouble forming squads however we're getting tired of only being able to find games on overseas servers and always being slightly behind in the lag stakes.

Essentially we just want to try and form a bit of a community of Aussie gamers who are playing fairly regularly so that we can hopefully get better connections.  We'd like to be playing with Aussies, against Aussies.

We all like to play for fun, but definitely take things fairly seriously - we like to win or at least feel that we put up a good fight and we always enjoy a good challenge. Having said that we love to have a joke with each other and we all have a sense of humour.

If you're of a similar mind and keen to play please send me a friend request and hopefully we can build up a bit of a network of like-minded players.



Gamertag: amnesiac13


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*sigh*......lost me at "mature" man.......'course I'm not Aussie either so yeah.....but I do enjoy eating at The Outback Steakhouse......mmmmmm  mmmmmm