Looking for Leftest Friends!....like way left.

So I wrote a post yesterday how I was looking for more for left oriented friends to play lives with, and for some reason it was deleted.  Not cool.  I have a right to reach out to people who share my ideologies.

What I'm about:  art, theatre, challenging the status quo, New York, San Franisco, gaming on an intellectual level, equality, spirituality, and this human experience.

What I don't care for:  Business men, war, guns, the military industrial complex, violence, (yes I can have a very extensive discussion on why gaming is a non-lethal form of violence), religious organization, sexism, homophobia, racism, and mindless consumerism.

Yes I'm just as guilty of being apart of a corporate system by purchasing an Xbox, but I've sold out because my love for gaming out weights.

I'm 24, *** (can't censor me!), and looking for open minded people to play with on a friendly level.  I prefer co-op to competitive gaming, but I do it all.  Currently playing Halo, Mortal Kombat, Left 4 Dead and many others.  If ya wanna be friends just send me a message.


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It was not deleted at all. With a little looking you could have found it right here.