Looking for late night players to play with


I did all the levels on gold way back when the game launched, but when I initially full completed the game I put the game away. However recently I decided to see all the (cool) changes to the game, only to discover I can't do gold at all anymore!

So I'm looking for some players who would be willing to do silver / gold runs with a somewhat newish player and show him some of the ropes. =)

 (Just to give an idea on how long it's been since I played, I didn't even know there was free DLC until earlier today =x )

Rank for those who care: N127

Challenge Points:  55

GT: TerraG dC


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Here are some tips to help get you back in the game  :)  Please keep in mind that I primarily play private Silver solo-run matches and occassionally play public Bronze solo-run matches to help out other players.  I will post my tips in different windows because I don't want to needlessly clutter up a window.

How to get the most out of your Cobra Missiles = (1) Do not aim directly for the enemy, either aim for their feet if they're out in the open or the wall if they're close to it.  You have a high chance of missing if you aim directly at them.  (2) If you're sure that a Banshee is teleport dashing towards you, anticpate when she will get to you and aim for your feet, there is a 1 second delay before she can grab you.  Hence, when she teleport dashes to you, time it correctly so that the moment she gets in your face, the Banshee is going to be in for a blastingly good time.  (3) If you happend to be near a "spawn point" and an HPT or HPTs (High Priority Target is a Atlas, Banshee, Geth Prime, Praetorian, Brute, Scion, or Ravager) with a bunch of weaker units, use a missile here.  (4) If an HPT is by itself & your squad is still alive, wear down the HPT with concentrated fire instead of a missile.

How to use your Medigel = (1) If you're out of range from you squad mates and they're too far to revive, do not use one immediately.  If all 3 of your other squad mates are still alive and it is almost in the end of the round where almost all of the enemies are wiped out, just wait until you get revived by someone; don't forget to slow down your bleeding time.  If you "bleed out", you will automatcially revived in the start of the new wave.  (2) If you get taken down at the start of a wave, rapidly press the button to slow down your bleeding and hope that someone can revive you.  If it doesn't seem like your going to be revived because your squad mates are busy, use one.  (3) Save 1 for extraction, just in case you need it  :)  

Making it to extraction = (1) Do not hang around by the extraction point on wave 11 because there is absolutely no benefit for getting there early.  Like many others have said, it is better to go to the opposite end of the map so enemies don't swarm the LZ (Landing Zone) and wait until the timer drops to 30 seconds.  Run to the extraction point.  Did you save 1 Medigel?  I hope you did.  (2) You now get a 10% credit bonus for making it to extraction, so do yourself a favor and make sure you make it there  :)

Escort Missions = This can get really annoying!  I recommend taking cover as much and when possible to alleviate some of the damage coming your way, moving with the cover as much as possible until the drone moves back out into the open area.  If things get too hectic, abandon the drone momentarily to find cover and take out most of the opposition; resuming your assistance once the incoming flak is back down to manageable levels.  the drone replenishes the shields of anyone within range of it about every 15 seconds.  it is better to get at the destination point late than never making it there at all.  Use a missile if a HPT or HPTs get in your way  :)

Retrieve The Package Missions = Ideally, you want the toughest and most durable squad mate to carry the package because they have a better chance surviving and going the distance.  The rest of the squad should provide fire support.  If you pick-up the package and there is someone else tougher and more durable than your character, run (so that you will drop the package) when this particular member is near and provide fire support.  Prioritize the reviving of this player (the one who is the toughest and most durable and is carrying the package) even at the expense of yourself being taken down.  The rest of your team will revive you.  Given that some maps are extremely large, I would pay close attention to the time, especially since failure is not an option.

Enable / Disable Device Missions = Ideally, you want an Infliltrator to do these as the enemies will completely ignore them while their Tactical Cloak is active.  I recommend not staying close the the "Enabler / Disabler" and instead cutting the enemy off prior to breeching any entrances that lead to the device that your team is currently dealing with by hanging out by the entrances; popping in and out of cover.  The only time that you really should be staying close to the "Enabler / Disabler" is if you're a Volus spamming out Shield Boost.  I recommend that an Asari Justicar erect a Biotic Sphere for the "Enabler / Disabler" and then proceed to join the rest of the squad securing the area from potential intrusion.

Hacking Missions = There is nothing much that I can say here except that you want to have 4 players inside it as much as possible and survive.

Elimate The Target Missions = The longer this mission goes, the more uneccessary enemies that you have to deal with.  If the target that is highligthed is a weak unit, concentrate all fire on it.  If it is a HPT, use a missile, but try to use concentrated fire on it if you have time to spare  :)

Jeez Lei when does the movie come out? Hey OP if your a mature adult hit me up. I will show you the ropes.

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