Looking for KOTH Achievement/Friends

Ok here is the deal..for the most part i have stopped playing online as much as i did mostly rank and just in rooms.I am not on here to *** or complain just really tired of the people that won't update or when they loose to give the points and instead get mad and give 0's.These same people won't update which means i can't pick the people i bought to play and get a desync even when using a new skin and just tired of it and tired of being chewed out or crazy messages sent to me because i won or it was unfair so with this i just want to find people that just want to play MK and have a good time and if you don't want to chat that's fine but i have a mic.I am old school MK and don't mind to loose but the stuff that's going on now is just taking away the fun of this amazing game.I don't spam the same move 100 times and pick many people not just scorpion and noob so if your looking to get the KOTH achievement and want to just play without all the non-sense send a FR and let me know it's for MK and please have all the updates at least so there is no online problems.If your going to send me i am whining message or other garbage i will save you time just by saying i simply won't respond nor care or look at this forum as that's what the send FR is for.


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U can add me I have all Dlc updates and all but one achievment so it's all for fun for me I like to do random select alot even though I main scorp but find random better lol