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Hey guys, I'm trying to start a WWE'13 efed. I've made a website already and set things up. The problem I'm having is getting it up and running because it's new and difficult to run as well as manage alone. So I was hoping if anyone is interested in joining and/or running a wrestling efed, your more than welcome to join me. This is an open invitation as well as a request for help from fellow WWE'13 players. I'm very mature and won't waste people's time, I have the idea of a fun community in mind for several players and that's what I'll look to carry out.

Some information about the efed I plan on starting is as follow:

-Plans to have superstar contracts

-A rewards system (actual prizes that may be used via Xbox Live)

-Game-play rules, but very little (I have very little rules, literally 3, and they focus on just allowing fair play and maintaining competition)

-The usual; weekly shows, role-plays, titles.

-Recorded shows and matches, I have the equipment and skills to develop efed shows, I'd be willing to do so with the help of others.

The list goes on as far as ideas, but the above mentioned are already ideas that have been set for the efed. As time goes on I'm looking to grow this efed, I understand there are plenty other efeds out there and every efed may be different in their own unique way. I'm trying to do the same just like any other efed. This isn't so much as an advertise for my efed though, the name and the link will not be included either. Like I said I'm looking to get it up and running but I need help and if your willing to help I'd appreciate it. I'm open to ideas and compromise as well, I have no problem appointing the first few members as admins or staffs.

For the record the reason I am trying to start my own efed appose to joining one elsewhere is because a lot of efeds are in denial or unrealistic with gameplay as well as opportunity. I think with this one I'll be able to refrain people from feeling overwhelmed by rules, there's only 3 rules, as well as allow people to comfortably compete without worrying about bugs and glitches, especially the kick up system. I've had experienced in leagues throughout many games as a member and host, I'm looking to take this one out of "a retirement" I should say as appose to others. Please if you are interested in helping feel free to reply here or message me on xbox live. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you, I appreciate all of you that have taken the time to read my post here.


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How many shows are you talking bout running per week Animal??  Sounds very interesting, I remember back in the day when I was on Feds online, of course there was no use of games, just RP and using pictures to get your points across, but what you have listed here is very interesting man.

Thank you, I appreciate it man. I use to do it back in the days as well, I miss those days and would like to live in that moment again lol For now I plan on running 1 show until things kick off and we get a good amount of members. The website isn't cliche full of forums. Like I said everything is usually stacked on forums, we'll have forums but basically forums will be used to develop storylines and allow people to sign up.

I also mentioned that I have the tools and skills to develop shows for recording. Forums is more so a backstage thing and we'll put storylines revised into the shows. At the moment I just need help lol it's hard running a fed alone or with minimum people. Im sure people who help out will engage in as members too, but members come and go. I need partners. But yea, 1 show a week for now along with a ppv per month. if we can the shows per week will increase as time goes on.

These Again.. I Would Like To See How This Actually Turns Out

How Organized Is It Right Now?

yea one of these again lol as far as organization its very organized. It's not forum based, there are forums but that's not the main focus of the site and how it's managed. It's more convenient and professional. kinda like wwe.com where the news is right there in ur face, and the roster is right there in ur fact, and etc with the calendar and events. Its not too much of a hassel to get around and get involved. It's very organized.