Looking for Halo/Battlefield community/clan

As far back as my Xbox gaming days go, I have never been in a community or clan per se. The only "competitive" shooters I play right now are Halo and Battlefield (this ambiguity encompasses most of the games in respective series). Another thing: I do not own a mic. Even if I did, I'm silent by nature, so you wouldn't hear me barking commands to anyone anyways. If you think you're the clan/community for me, send a message my way.


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Looking for some mature, older friends to play online with? A place to find help, share your adventures, and make new ones is here in our friendly xbox groups. You can also advertise your clans and crews, We are very active, so our groups are spam and jerk free :)





Wish you the best of luck in finding a clan!

Hey PossibleOutcome, we might have something that you are looking for.... Check out the following thread and see what you think.... Also, it is not just for Xbox One, we support other systems as well...

We are currently recruiting players of all skill levels. Our only requirements are a headset for party chat and that you are an honourable player (i.e. no spawn killing, t-bagging, etc.)

If you are interested in joining the clan message us on gamertag: bongoband or email *** Email address is removed for privacy ***  for further details.

We have members based in UK, USA and Canada. Professionally run clan with ranking system and possibility of advancement. Looking for new members that have leadership skills to go into our fast track officer school to become squad leaders. Don't want to be a leader? No problem join as a Trooper.

Visit our website at http://www.thedeadlysins.tk

@bongoband Your clan sounds good, but I just said in the OT that I don't have a mic.

Thanks for the offer, anyways.