Looking for Halo 3 and Halo ODST friends

Send me a friend request if you are interested in playing Halo ODST co-op, firefight or Halo 3 co-op ... thx


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I want to get all the achievements that I haven't got yet, I'd be up for some four play legendary missions.

I'll play some ODST for sure. I'm East Coast.  By your game tag I'm assuming your northwest right?

i'm down for some odst

I need a bunch of achievements for H3 if you are willing to help

i need endure and deja vu achievements for odst

also need halo 3 legendary co-op ghost achievement

add me to friends list

msg me when im online and I'll join u immediately after invite

Im looking for anyone to play Halo 3 online Multiplayer

iam in also please add me

I am willing to help anyone with multiplayer achievements in halo 3 and play firefight in ODST. I don't have a mic ATM but I can still hear through my speakers. Cannot do halo 3 co-op.

me to. plese help.