Looking for guild or friends to quest with

I have 3 characters as of right now. Level 7 wood elf assassin daggerfall covenant, level 24 redguard dragon knight daggerfall covenant, level 8 khajit Templar ebonhart pact. Going to make a Mage in the aldemeri dominion but I want to have friends to play with because questing alone is starting to get boring. I'm playing on the NA server, I'm on frequently during the week and mostly all weekend. My other friends flaked on me

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Radioactive Bats. An ebonheart NA based guild looking for new members we are currently sitting at 60 members with a steady flow of about 3 or 4 more members a day. We are currently PvE based but we are working on switching to PvP if not fully then half and half. We are looking for active members. We don't require anything from our members however in order to rank up in the guild you must contribute (time, gold, loot, etc.). If you're interested my gamertag is Trevorki11 feel free to message me and we will get you am invite :smile:.