Looking For GTA IV Police Clan ( Xbox 360 )

Hello , I Am Intrested In Joining An POLiCE CLAN for GTA IV ,
Need A Clan That Doesnt Goof Around ,

feel free to post any clans you know that are recruiting along with the website


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I am involved with a clan called LC911, Liberty City 9-1-1, we do police role-play, along with other divisions and licenses that you could possible be apart of. w11.zetaboards.com/lc911

You have already contacted me, but I can assure you my members take things VERY SERIOUSLY! The only time that would count as "goofing off" is the police will do things to keep them occupied BUT are 100% committed to their job and play as realistically as possible. This is because sometimes there will be a lull in crime (realistic).

You can contact me, or i'll contact you, we have a nice, decent and mature clan! We have had alot of FULL GAMES recently and all are very well organized.  We play serious and we are mature

Hello THG oFLAMEZo! I am the Commissioner of the police clan called: LCPSA (Liberty City Public Safety Administration) The clan has been running since July 26, 2011 and we have a total of 15 officers with many divisions such as: ESU, Aviation, MPVC, Fire Rescue. All of which, you can join. If you would like please I ask you to check out webstie:   www.wix.com/.../lcpsa and if you would like, I ask for you to check out our promotional video: [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkQKz7or9SM] Thanks for reading and we hope you join the LCPSA!

- SlickSpencer8

*If you have any further questions please contact me!*

A website? I don't have a website. My clan stays organized through the use of the clan gamertag and XBL Messaging of RSVPs. My clan is strictly for GTA V; therfore, since no further info has been revealed, I feel it is not necessary to waste my time making a website full of specualtions. When more info becomes available, I'll start working on the clan's OFFICIAL website. If you are still interested in my GTA V Clan, send me a freind request and I'll give you a thorough interview.

legend of gta they are talking about a clan for GTA IV

Um, GTA V ain't out yet. What do you expect me to use? I organize on IV but my official clan is for V.

LOL. That's all I have to say man.

The Police Department of Liberty City


Late comment lol......just do a little compare and contrast

Law Enforcement Finest Department


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