Looking for good competitive guitarist (not pro)

I play GUITAR on EXPERT and have GOLD STARRED mainly every song I own, and I have the top score on my friends list for every song.

I was just wondering if i could befriend any gewd guitarist out there to try and keep up with someone maybe better than me? I'm not saying I'm the greatest and I know I'm far from it, but I was just hoping to find a little competition for the game since they took out the GUITAR BATTLEs in the game :(

I'm also down if anyone needs to HIGH SCORE some songs, or need help with CAREER mode or whatever. I do both GUITAR and BASS, but preferably GUITAR. Or if anyone wants to just play for fun, I'm obliged to that as well :)

I don't own a whole lot of DLC, around 66 "purchased". Also I have both ROCK BAND 1+2 imported. I can do VOCALS on EXPERT, but only on easier songs. I can do EXPERT PRO DRUMS, but the problem is that I lack a drumset lol


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Friend my other account, Prezification. I'll be on and we can see who is better!

I would love to sit back & watch this lol :p