looking for fun friends to have a laugh with and play games

hi there  everyone,i am 42 yrs old with children me and my boys play alot of black ops they kick my butt, but its fun if you want to have fun and play come join us your all more than welcome ,hope to see you all soon,thanks


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Whats up Viper. what other types of games do you play?  I try to stay away from black ops.  Also, what times do you play?  I am on eastcoast time and I play around 8pm eastern time.

Hi Viper.

Have you thought about joining a community?

I belong to a fantastic community that play's for fun. We have both male and female members who are of all skill levels,

We hold regular gaming nights that are voted for by the members, But there is no obligation to play, It's up to you!

We also have a very active forum with a very wide range of topics discussed. So if you like what you have read then check out www.360fahrenheit.com

Hey Viper, you are more then welcome to add me as well. I game with a great bunch of casual gamers similar to Sambo.  We just enjoy gaming for the fun of it. Hope to hear from ya.

You will find new friends fast. I play along with the same bunch as Smallville. Lot's of great folk's there and on LIVE.

You can check us out at www.no-bs-gaming.com. We are a site made up of adult (+21) gamers that play non-competitively for fun and laughs. Black ops is a game we play often and would love to have you viper. FYI, I'm 42 as well and have been involved in gaming communities since '08.

I see that you have Burnout Revenge on your played games list. I've started playing it again and wouldn't mind getting a race going sometime.

Hey ya'll, my kids kick my butt at BO, but that's not the only game in the world. I might be 40, but I still like to have fun. Any Dad's that want some competition? hehe I love to race.

Metal if you like to race on Forza 3 let me know and I'll put you in contact with the guy that runs the league I race in. All older guys and all of them great to race with.

To the OP be wary of some communities as there not always what they are cracked up to be. I've met a great many player randomly while playing in public rooms/lobbies. You'll hear plenty of horror stories about them but a great many good story as well. I met the team I'm racing with now by joining a public lobby. Great bunch of guys.

Thanks for joining Viper and I hope you join one of our events soon and game together with a great group of folks having similar interests. Let me echo what previous posters have said, some communities are definitely not what they are cracked up to be. Be wary of the ones who's purpose is to stroke the ego of the founders, promise the world and can't deliver the goods because sadly there are a few of those out there. Once again thanks for checking us out and don't be shy if you are looking to play some BLOPS or whatever.

So true LW! and be careful of those communities that always seem to be constantly evolving or rather moving to other sites. Ones who always appear to have the same dredges of XBL that only get their ego stroked by getting that one more achievement. Watch for the ones who constantly make rules and/or changes to those rules, cause they're usually doing it to suit themselves.Make sure the forum is truly open to all. Are there and hidden "sub-forums" where you are not aloud to go? If so, question why. Also it should be a place where everyone is welcome...even if you play single player games and are looking for a place to chat.

Enjoy your Xbox Viper!

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