Looking for friends

im looking for people to add who dont add you then completely ignore you as if you dont exist.


i play a large range of games like minecraft,Cod and halo and many more


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feel free 2 add me

lol Nathan, your text gets bigger and bigger each time you do one of these threads.  haha :p

hey Nathan... i get alot of random friend requests.. but then when i accept them they never want to play any game or join any games i am vcurrently in... i have no clue why they do that except for the fact  that.. i guess  having 100 friends "Makes One Look Popular"...  I am not out there to have a COLLECTION of friends   I am looking for people that ACTUALLY WANT to play!  

I've been picking up some interesting ones lately....and not good ones.  I was trying to be friendly and invited a new person on my friends list to a party with a couple of my primo gaming friends.  We just wanted to say hi and see if we liked the person.  The guy comes in and immediately leaves and says "NEVER INVITE ME TO A PARTY AGAIN!"  Huh?  lol


Another guy comes into our parties, lingers....doesn't say a word ever.  Leaves, comes back, leaves, etc. etc.  Then after having enough I deleted him.  Minutes later I get another friend request from him.  I was like wtf?  :p


Yo feel free to add me bro :)