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I am looking for friends to play Battlefield 3 with. Preferably they should have Premium, but they don't have to. Add me if you want to play!


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Looking for someone to play bf3 with  Add Me and you got to have a mic

got it for Christmas from the wife, it and COD BO2 and Family Guy BTTM, only played a few minutes of the SP campaign so far.....my friends have been playing Halo4 alot and I've been hitting Skyrim the rest of the time (did try Bf3 a few nights back, but with no friends playing it got old quick).....I want to get into the MP and I will sooner or later, same with FC3, I got it but the MP wouldn't work for me and eventually I got involved in other games....I don't have enough free time to enjoy all my games......and in a month, Aliens: Colonial Marines is hitting store shelves which will play alot like L4D, but with props to James Cameron's film, sound effects and ambiance ....despite being a blatant rip-off of Robert Heinleins 'Starship Troopers' in the form of an Alien sequel it's still arguably the best on the series

Oh I see you got MOHW.  How often you play that?  I'm a boss on that game.  But my buddylist is full and you must be active for me to decide to cut a friend loose to add ya.  Send me a message if interested.  Also you got battle log?  I got like 44 members on MOHW.  Ya get to wear the sexy BEER tag of course.  That's the signing bonus of joining and get to collect easy wins hanging with us.  Frosty Mugs is my clan on MOHW.

Its a floater!


There's a "Broney" or two floating around. Try them....