looking for friends who want to play halo wars on hard

i ended halo wars on easy but looking for a partner for halo wars if u are interested let me know i have other games to looking for buddies to join up with so add me i will accept u


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add excalibur star, he's cool

Omg...they are coming out of the woodwork :o  

you funny but mind your own business

I dont mind helping you out. I can help you with Legendary on the campaign if you like.

[quote user="EXCALIBUR STAR"]

i got halo wars you add me


I advise AGAINST anyone sending a friend request to this person.

i got halo wars you add me


okay add me im free all the time

I may take you up on this. I have to admit I haven't played it much, but I was rather good at C&C 3. My free time is limited, but  we could arrange a time to play it and work through the game.