Looking for friends to play on Xbox one Minecraft


I'm bored of just playing by myself on Minecraft. I love this game more than most titles out to date. But I cant experience the full enjoyment of it because all my other friends play destiny or all the other games for the one. I still every once and a while love to sit down and just build for hours on this game. If only I could enjoy it with somebody else, that would be awesome!! My gamertag is "Demonic Quantum" feel free to friend me or msg me if you want someone to play minecraft with. I have a mic and I'm not 10 years old so I won't be annoying or a squeaker. If you reply here I probably won't see it because I barely come on the forums. Anyways shoot me a msg whenevs. Im down to play with all ages. I'm 16 by the way just so you can know I'm not ****. Thanks and stay safe gamers!!


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