Looking for friends to play minecraft!!!

Been playing without the aid of friends, yet i always join their games...help them get diamonds and gold and dont even get help with my own world or they just destroy my house when i am not online...

So what I ask is simple...I'm looking for mature, fun and wonderful gamers that play minecraft that are active in it. That wont grief a player when he isnt looking...not be greedy and claim all diamonds and gold, that will help make an epic game of the cubby world!!!

if you have these qualities, please add me on XBL so we can start playing, I'm usually always on, and if i am not playing minecraft, I usually drop everything in another game to play in minecraft with some friends


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Hey my Gamertag is Untoten115, I'm looking for the same. It looks like we play the same games also so send me an invite sometime so I can see how u play. I have a few friends who are pretty good at this game and are mature about it so hopefully we can find a few more people and start a nice minecraft city.

I'm game, add me if you'd like to play mc :) I've been having problems with thieves and griefers lately, it'd be nice to get some actual mature players in my world.

I need some new experienced people to play with also add me

im always looking for people to join

Oh I forgot to add no kids please, sorry but I'm looking for adult players

I'm not an adult but I'm not a obnoxious little kid so feel free to add if you would like.

Hey I'm looking for some friends for minecraft...most of my friends arn't that great at it. I am on quite a bit, message me if interested!

want to role play? hit OKC 35Zz iMerk