Looking for friends to play Blops with!

Me and my wife play for hours every night. And all day Fri, Sat, and Sunday. Need people who will play with. I have a mic. But I PREFER NOT TO PLAY ZOMBIES! So please send me some friend requests. Cause my friend count is lacking. QQ


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Send me an invite,im online pretty much all the time.

Send me a friend request. I only have one friend who plays besides my girlfriend. Her and I play alot so we can totally have a double date on xbl

my bf and I play all the time, and we both hate zombies as well, send me a friend request!

My boyfriend and I play all the time as well. We usually play in a party with another chick friend of mine. We are sarcastic, crude humourous people so send me a message on xbox if you think we'd get along!