Looking For Friends To play ANYTHING

Consoles: Ps4, Xbox360 and a weak pc 

Xbox360 Games: Borderlands2 CastleMinerZ Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Dragon's Dogma Dark arisen, Dead Rising2, GrandTheftAutoV, Halo3, Halo4, HaloWars,

Happy Wars, Magic The Gathering DUELS OF THE PLANES WALKERS 2013, Mass Effect 3, Minecraft, Skyrim, DeadSpace3, Halo ODST, Battle Field 3, CallOfDuty Black Ops II

 Ps4 games: Battle Field 4, Elder Scrolls Online [when it comes out]

Pc Games: Ace Of Spades, AirMech, Alien Swarm, Dont Starve EverQuest II, Garrys Mod Godus Path Of Exil, Pirates Of Black Cove, Sanctum, Savant - Ascent, Spiral Knights, Starmade, Super Create Box, TeamFortress2, Vindictus, Warframe, Minecraft 

Age: 16

Im looking to start a group of people that enjoy games as much as i do and i can trust, people that get serious when its time to be serious and funny when its time to be funny


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Come join us at RoG.

I sent ya a PM.