looking for friends to complete campaign on legendary

ive gotten as far as exodus on my own... could use a hand with the rest... or just redo the whole thing,.. wont take long.   MSG ME plz


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Emh... It will be released in November, don't you think it's too much early?


will be available at night around 11pm(central) since i work. would u like to run through or kill everything? i know/made afew shortcuts

shoot me a game invite anytime as i have no life

shoot me a message. I absolutely love the campaign

send me an invite. im open for a challenge.

send an invite im down for it!

Bro, I did this legendary by myself (If not believed look at my achievements) it takes time and is very hard but here is the trick. Camp in various places behind things and throw grenades. If no grenades then run out, shoot until your shield drains, then run into cover. Also heavy use of heavy ordanance weapons are highly recommended such as sticky grenades. Just stick'em with a grenade. If that doesnt work i'll see if i can help you myself, if i dont need a hard drive for the new version of the Xbox IGN- zombies of dawn

I thought it was pretty easy by myself. There's a ton of videos on youtube to help.

I have completed every campaign on Legendary with my brother and I got all of the vidmasters back on halo I know every trick there is, but I lent my Halo Reach copy out and will have it back in a few days if you still need help then just hit me up.