Looking for friendly people for H4? Then check us out...

Check out our video, a Tour of
Midland Base, and get to learn all about

us and hear music from Halo 4.





Do you like Halo? Do you like LIKING
Halo? Do you need to be a part of a

 Halo group that feels the same way?


Then Midland Base is the place for
you! We're a group of mature gamers

that specialize in making Halo what
it was meant to be! While we love to

 just sit back and play Halo,


we first make sure that we create a
comfortable environment for all of

our members. Imagine, if you can,
Halo without flame wars, ****,

name calling, betrayals for


weapons, or players going AFK
through the match. Instead, we have

laughs, good sportsmanship,
camaraderie, and lively debate. Check out

our mission statement




Still not sold? Here are some other
features of our group:




Screenshot Caption Contest

Lots of
Ranks to be Promoted to and

Awards to Earn, as well as
potential advancement to Moderator


An active
Montage Creating


Occasional battles/ mixers with
other groups

Our own forums on

We have six game nights / days a
week -

here's our schedule

livestream our gameplay

Our recorded live streams, montages,
and other video clips are on our

Tube channel

We even


 a podcast!


Now to the nitty gritty:


How do I join?


-Fill out an application

Make sure all

answers are accurate!

-We go through the application with
a fine comb and make sure the

applicant is a correct match for our


That's it! No K/D requirements,
changing your gamertag, or making you go

 through a "boot camp". At Midland
Base, it's not about how good you

are, but about being pleasant to


play with!


What Midland Base rules should I be
aware of before joining?

-Most of our rules revolve around
being a good sport and not making

others uncomfortable. This includes
no ****, no yelling at other

players for doing poorly, and no


talking about controversial topics
(religion, politics, etc). We make an

 exception with the **** rule against
players who t-bag first. Hey,

 we aren't monsters!

-We have a minimum monthly post
requirement for our forums to make sure

all of our members are active. We
require 8 posts per month, starting

the month after a members joins.


If you fail to make 8 posts and are
removed from the group, you may

apply again and be accepted again,
it will not be held against you!

Obviously, if you are requesting to


join again, that means you are
active again.


So why not give us a try? We
currently have 109 members who call this

place home. You could be next!


In case you missed it before, apply
to join us here:



Hope to see you out there soon!


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