Looking for F2 players

With Fable 3 being so addicting its very hard to get back into F2.......however my daughter has been playing it quite often and I do have a saved game that I would like to get back into........one thing we dont have is a lot of Fable 2 friends.......anyone who still plays F2 please add us and help us bring back our thrill for this game......At one point on another profile I had all offline Cheivments and want to get them again with the online stuff.........I do not have the extras for this game yet though......thank you all so much>>>>>>>Team Blade


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Well I have Fable 2, but like you I got addicted to Fable 3.

I just never get a chance to play with you all, that, and I get randomly disconnected sometimes....

I'll probably be playing Fable 2 over the weekend, as I'm starting a new game anyway, and give my Prince a break!!

Friend me. I have some stuff, and can help with some achievements. I love f2. Just haven't played in awhile. I also have a weird schedule.

I need some friends too. Feel free to send me an invite.

Finished Fable 3, and I just got Fable 2 last week.