Looking For ESO friends

Hey i played the PC version for a while & got the imperial edition. I ended up giving it in as i'm not a huge pc user. I'm moving my account over to the Xbox One and i'll be looking for some new people to play the game with. Feel free to add me and once it's out we'll defo get a game together :)

Edit: I do have a Mic and USB keyboard


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Hey man, what faction are you interested in joining?

I believe i'm a part of the Ebornheart Pact, if that's what you meant?

Oh okay; there are guilds in the other two that I know of; one I own and one I am a part of

Nice, If you want to get together for some PvE then let me know :)

Added, I'll be Ebonheart as well.

I'm looking for friends to play with too when I get the game

Hey if anyone is looking for friends or a group to play with on ESO Feel free to add me as a friend on xbox

Also if you looking for a guild to join look at my Guild.

Guild Info:

Xbox GT: SSG Predat0r

Battle Born Dominion


Ebonheart Pact

NA Server

Mature/No Drama Player

We do it all PVP, PVE, Trials, Dungeons, gear/item/level grinding

As well as guild mini games that the reward is up to 10,000 Gold