Looking for Destiny friends (Xbox 360 and Xbox One)...

to do daily missions, weekly strikes, strike playlists, raids, patrols, bounties, and whatever else House of Wolves may bring. I don't play PvP though, it's just not my thing. 
A little about myself... I love Destiny, it's the only game I've played since it's release, and I look forward to playing this game for a long time to come. I am REALLY looking forward to House of Wolves. I'm 38 years old, I live in the eastern time zone and I'm usually online Sunday through Thursday evenings from between 6:30 or 7 until 9:30, and on Friday and Saturday nights from around 9 till whenever. I play to have fun, and I don't act like its the end of the world if something goes wrong or someone makes a mistake. I don't use foul or inappropriate language. I do have a mic, but usually play without it, especially on weekdays. I can use it if need be though, possibly for raids or whatever on Friday or Saturday nights. I currently have a level 31 Hunter, level 31 Titan, and a level 10 Warlock, in case that's important. Your skill level doesn't matter to me, I just want a good group of friends to do things with. Before replying, please make sure our online times match up, and make sure you plan on playing Destiny for the foreseeable future. My Xbox Live gamertag is xboxtomcat. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll see you starside.


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New character level 5 Warlock looking for friends for daily missions, add me BuzzSpaceranger

Wow. Definitely sending you a friend request. You sound exactly like me except I'm a little older. :) I do play PVP occasionally but it's really not my thing. I prefer the PVE especially when playing with friends which unfortunately I don't have a lot of on Destiny. I'm also on EST so that works out nicely. I have a 32 Warlock, Titan and Hunter but none of that really matters to me. I have plenty of weapons and other gear I like to rank up so I'm always doing bounties, strikes, patrols, whatever. I try to do the dailies, Weekly Heroic, Weekly Nightfall as much as I can and Raids whenever possible. But I'm just out to have fun. I don't get all worked up or worry about anyone else's skill level or character level. I just want friends that play and have fun. Friends request inbound.

Join me for vog. I need help and have a hunter with me. We have no mics but we know what to do, help.

I'm here and there, trying to get back into Destiny. It all depends what they have to offer on May 19th. Let's wait and see. Who knows? It'll probably be the last new dlc until Fall so Bungie has a lot riding on this. It'll either make or break the game.