Looking for decent zombie players!


Hey guys, feel free to friend me, it looks like I suck at zombies, but i'm actually pretty good. I don't have a mic but I CAN hear people chat. I'm not going on for a few but friend me now if you can. I'm a team player, I know how to point farm, and i'm basically beast. My highest rounds are :

Kino - Round 31 - 2ppl

'Five' - Round 19 - 3 ppl

Dead ops arcade - Round 15 ( I don't remember..) - (4 people?)

Ascension - Round 32 - 2 people

For ascension It says i made it to round 26 with 3 people but unfortunately it didn't update.

Call of the Dead - Round 18 - 4 people ( i think)

I can never find good zombie players these days.. just retards spinning round in circles with a damn thundergun...

I don't have the Annihilation map pack.

Looking forward to playing with you guys!


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