Looking for COMMITED actors.

Well, as some of you know I am doing a Machinima of which the title has yet to be released anywhere else but our official website. We're looking for four male actors who have DEEP voices, they don't need to be Michael Clarke Duncan deep, but I don't want Tweety bird as a voice in my film lol So, just some average deep-ish voices will be cool, you will also need to be committed, I don't want none of that "I gotta go, bye!" If you have to go, give us a ten minute heads up so that we can film what we need to film before you go, we've already started production on the project with some actors, but they aren't committed. I've already had a couple leave without warning, or some never respond to messages. I don't want to spend more time than I need to on this project.

I want to spend EXACTLY the amount of time I need to, no more. I'll take my time with everything as I am obviously dedicated to the film, me and friend hatched this idea and came up with the 12 minute machinima "Twenty Plenty" that is currently on YouTube under HMGen14. Of course, now that I have a Hauppuage HD PVR: Gaming Edition - Me and my friend as well as an extra writer have COMPLETELY reworked the script and kept it familiar to the original, it plays out COMPLETELY different and way more thought out, but it pretty much has the same idea with two friends owing the mob some money and one of them meets an unfortunate fate.

This time around, we are actually explaining (not showing) with the help of a narration of the main character why the characters fall into debt, we show them making the deal as well as the emotional strain this has on the characters throughout the film.

So, as you can tell this is going to be a very serious machinima film... I have my reasons for making this film and the "brother" connection was actually inspired by my own brother, who is not directly related to me in any way - I wrote the characters to in some way portray how me and my brother act towards eachother. So, the relationship, although hard to portray with nearly inanimate characters, is real. We are fully aware of the way "serious" machinimas are perceived as well as how they are criticized, but this project has a special importance to me, as it was my VERY first attempt at writing and also my attempt to test my skills with a bigger project.

(We are most likely going to stick to more comedic machinimas after this one, depending on the reception.)

If you want to help with the Machinima, you MUST message me DIRECTLY, otherwise your response will probably not be acknowledged.


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You might have better attention in the Clan Discussion Thread. Just trying to help ;)

Eh. What the heck I'll do it. Send me a friend request and we'll get started. Im kinda used to how it works because I've been in a Machinima before.

Glad to see someone finally volunteered. I would too but I have no idea on how to do these Machininas nor do I want to.

Oh well I'll Send you a friend request when I get my 360 back from microsoft (Got 3 rings of RROD).