Looking for COD4 Derank Lobby

Have had this game for about 6 months now, 6th prestige 55. Well, I was. Went on HCHQ, played a few games, backed out because of lag, and BOOM! 10th prestige 55. WHAT!? I hadn't had anything happen ingame that was out of the ordinary, it could've been millions of xp per kill, but as it didn't show up as a '+1,000,000', I must not have noticed or someone might have just ranked me up. I don't know. I don't really care, I've been trying to play this game legit, and got deranked by 2.5 million xp in February, the day I renewed my Live membership. Anyway, looking for a way to get back down to 6th level 55. I don't care if it's a derank lobby or even a mod or someone getting me 6th 55, but if I've got 13 days playing time, I will want to finish the game legit. Fourzerotwo said he'd restore people who'd been deranked, but he never mention deranking people who've been promoted four prestiges. Thanks, and please help.


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you are actually asking for mods?????

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you are actually asking for mods?????

[/quote]This is a bit different than people asking for infections or to get to 10th. While it's still modding and really shouldn't be done, I'd have no problem turning a blind eye if this guy wanted to be deranked so he could get his 10th legit.


i think call of duty should introduce a system were you can reset your rank and gains back down to 1 to give the game a new spark because once you hit max rank, the game is pointless.

then you wouldn`t buy the new game.

Looking for A deranking prestige lobby? I was legit 7th prestige .. One day i joined some random lobby on S&D and outta no were it says "11 Prestige level 55" I was so mad cause i wanted to stay 7th.. So if anyone knows any deranking lobbies please message:

Xbox Live GT: vT Trickz

more chance the modders will fix your rank than iw or microsoft