looking for co-op

looking for co-op player for campaign. im starting on insane then hardcore then normal. so if someone is looking for those, add me. asap. i need the deleted scene co-op also, but i dont think u can do that with someone online. if im wrong can someone show me how. i need that achievement.


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Just so you know, if you play on Insane then you unlock the other achievements as well.

Feel free to add me as well. yeah it unlocks all difficulties if you do insane. I need the collectibles as well.

i didnt know that. wow. i know now for gears 3

Hey, I am looking for some help on the campaign as well, I am about halfway through on Hardcore right now and I am willing to replay again on any level.  I am willing to work for achievements as well and I have a mic, I also play multiplayer but I am not great at it yet.  Add me at Sp3Nc3R 87

i can help on hardcore but need help finding collectibles

If you play Insane, it will unlock the Normal, Hardcore & Insane achievements also. I've completed GOW2 on Casual alone, but am willing to complete it on Coop. Also would like to play Horde and multiplayer. I'm not that good on multiplayer, but enjoy playing - so send me a game invite. I'm in the Eastern time zone.

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add me , im looking for the coop achievement

GT: mosquin

I'm game if you want to co-op.

Also I you play on insane, your partner can play on casual and let him do most of the work. And you'll still get the achievement.