Looking for co-op partners

The title says it all. Anybody looking for co-op partners to do the 6 co-op missions? I've got all the achievements for Far Cry 3 except the co-op missions. Send a friend request if interested.


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No idea if you still need a co op partner but ill shoot you an invite, hope to speak soon!

Send me an invite.Be  glad to help still need the achievements to get.Have mic also

I have all the achievements except the "Payback" co-op map. I have wasted hours and hours trying. I have NEVER had such hard time getting 1 lousy achievement ever before ! Thank CryTek for the absolute WORST co-op lobby system EVER ! A real joke.

I was able to do all 6 co-op missions in 3 days by just joining randoms....

I jumped in a random lobby and did three, then another lobby the next day and was lucky enough to do the next three without repeating any others. It was dull and repetitive though.

I finally got it, but I had to repeat the other maps multiple times to get there. Very annoying. All using randoms BTW.

I might give this a go on saturday :)

The co-op isn't that bad. Some of ya'll thought it was boring and repetitive? You sure get a boat load of multiplayer XP for doing co-op....

I do... hit me up.. ii K Tron xx