Looking for co-op partners (regular-perfectionist)

Hey, looking for some co-op partners to do the missions with.

I completed them on rookie (don't ask) but looking to complete them on regular, realistic and perfectionist if at all possible. I play mainly panther, but if I had the right person who could teach me how to be a better ghost, I'd love to learn. I'm 19 so anyone who is 16+ and mature with a mic is welcome to send a request my way.

I am by no means "good" at this game, still learning the maps but if you are someone who wants to have some fun then that's awesome. I just don't want someone who is intense about it and will yell if I make a mistake because I know I will :) Just want to see how good I can get and not bore myself out by playing with a random no mic player..  So if you're interested, send me a request and a message saying you are from the splinter cell forums. Thanks guys :)


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If you're still looking for someone to play the game with, I'm willing. I just started playing it recently. I haven't finished the single player campaign yet, but I've finished all of Kobin's missions (solo mode).

I've been playing on "Realistic" mode. I tried perfectionist, but that really didn't go very well. I do have one weakness though. Regardless which difficulty I play on, the heavily armored guards always seem to trip me up. I'm working on that though :)