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Just looking for a clan to play with. i usually Snipe or do a ghost class, lately just been running and gunning. And i'm looking for a clan that..i guess, doens't make it manditory or doens't mind if i don't register to there site, mainly cause i just don't really want to do all of that. i know it's very easy but i just rather skip it. K/D is not the greatest (i constantly go from .99-1.00, but droped to .98 thanks to Nuketown 24/7.) 5th prestige if you need to know that..and thats about it. uhm..as for game modes, i love demolition, domination, and search..hardcore i can do, TDM i hate with passion. and CTF is ok to me. groundwar i will do tdm is only because there are soo many people.


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not actively no we have it but i dont know many people play it

Do you guys have members that play BFBC2

If your still looking for a black ops clan, you can hit me up we do have a site, its mainly to keep there more interactive members informed about what is going on with the clan or events we will be doing. If you just want to hang shoot me a message then let me know, we play all types of games but we main and compete in COD. if you wanna check out the site www.KREW-cod.enjin.com

Hey man! We are a Halo only clan (Any Halo that was made, we play). If you love Halo, come and check us out.

If interested, please contact me via gamertag.

Wow josh you beat me to it, but yeah CMG is a great clan check us out callmegamer.com

if you'd like or message one of us on the box:)

Umm add me and we can talk.