looking for clan members gamer chix also welcome

if u want in my clan plz message me

u have to be 16 or older have a positve K/D i can careless about W/L cause of dashboarders and plus my W/L is crap cause of which

im not on all the time but when im on what i play is alot of Domination,TDM,Headquarters,Pure

Our website is a gaming community site created for all with its own forums its @ https://sharkman265.webs.com

feel free to register and use the forums if u so desire

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question regarding stats: W/L is effected by dashboarding but K/D isnt?

ya when host dashboards everyone is kicked back to pregame lobby it counts as a loss for everyone but your K/D is un affected by the dashboard like if u had a k/d of 40-17 it will show up on your playercard as a 23+ on your kills

in simplistic terms only your W/L is effected