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Hey guys. 30 year old gamer here looking for players who are interested in joining a clan to participate in Clan Wars. I was recently with a clan that won a recent clan wars and it was a great time. I was recently kicked out of that clan, because I don't play enough....Haha!


I think I play a decent amount, considering I already have 3 days played. Sometimes it is hard to play a lot, but I am sure most normal people understand. Instead of joining another clan, I just decided to start my own. It will be no bs and I am just looking for other players who are competitive and want to be a part of a clan.


I am looking for gamers around the same age who would like to participate in Clan Wars and have some fun. No real requirements to be in the clan - as long as you have a mic and aren't annoying, you are ok in my books. I have a handful of buddies that will be members as well. Looking for around 20 members so we have a chance at winning some Clan Wars. My K/D is a little over 1, so I am pretty average. Also, I would really like someone who would want to be a co-leader. It would help getting things organized and help me out as well. I am new to Clan Wars and how all of this works.


My gamertag is SwiftNotarizer. Feel free to add me or send me a message - I will get you a invite out to the clan. I would have posted this on the Ghosts forum as well, but for some reason my account says deactivated. I heard any accounts made before 2012 aren't able to post on those forums due to a forum migration.


Looking forward to getting some members and participating in the next Clan Wars. I don't post in these forum a lot, but I will check this post frequently this week. Adding me to your friendlist or sending a PM on Xbox one would be a better way to get in touch with me. Thanks guys!


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Do yourself a favor, back out and go read the sticky thread at the top of this forum that says CLAN DISCUSSION AND RECRUITMENT. Then go there.

^What Tem said, also you are posting on the 360 forums. You need to go to the Xbox One forums to find Xbox One players and answers.

Thanks guys. I thought I had originally went there, but I guess I didn't post it right. Sorry.