Looking for casual band mates

I’m looking for casual band mates. I’ve been playing for a while, but not much online. (The people online tend to take it too seriously. Most only play expert level & quit when I don’t.) I play guitar (Hard) & Pro Keys (Medium). I have all the other instruments too, but I suck at those. I prefer to play with people who use headsets, when possible. (It makes it easier to choose songs & such). I have RB 1, 2 & 3 + a bunch of DLC. I also have RB: AC/DC, RB: Green Day and RB: Beatles (even though you can’t migrate The Beatles game into RB3)


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Add me if you like, learning pro guitar and still lotsa mistakes

Not much dlc I'm afraid, just bits and bobs...

Be good to just jam [:)]

Feel free to ping me.  I usually play drums (mostly on hard) and occasionally bass/guitar (med/hard).  I have RB1, 2, 3, Lego, Beatles and a decent amount of DLC.

I'll play with ya, i play guitar/bass.  Also have RB 1,2,3, Green day, lego, AC/DC and DLC..  just send through a friend request and mention RB  :)

Add me too if you wish (state it's for RB please).  I just play for fun and don't care about the difficulty level or the amount of DLC.  

RB1, 2, 3, GD:RB, Lego, AC/DC (all imported) and some 300ish DLC.  Also have Beatles RB.  

Will play anything but vocals and have to shut down the drums after 7:00pm PST do to the noise factor.

Fell free to add me if you want. I mostly play on medium...I don't care what skill level someone plays on, it's all about having fun for me.

I have AC/DC Rock band exported, Rock Band 2 Exported, Lego Rock Band exported, and a ton of DLC....a little over 500 songs total I think lol

Oh, I can do guitar, bass, and drums btw.

I'm new to online bands but manage to play Hard/Expert bass and some guitar but was blown away on my first outing by  a   master class of the most difficult songs  on RB3 ....nearly gave my son back his xbox!. I would love to jam along with anybody who likes music and has fun....  I didn't realise the Beatles can be played on line?  ... I'd love to join in on that ... i am a real Scouser and recognise many of the opening scenes on the intro. although if you went to Liverpool now it has change s a lot.  

Feel free to add me if you'd like.  I haven't been playing nearly as much as I used to, mainly due to the lack of people to play with.

I play all instruments/vocals and would like to play a variety of things rather than metal, that gets annoying whenever I join a random band as a vocalist.  I get to scream for 3 songs and then everyone quits when the song I chose comes up in the list.  :(

I enjoy all sorts of music but draw the line at some of the songs. So I keep to the more melodic or challenging songs The Beatles are ideal (I am biased....). I also enjoy talking to those people who have a mic especially if they are not from the UK  .I can play at expert level  with 5 stars etc. ... Oh and sing a few ... but I have off days due my illness and this appears to deter  the "point grabers". My two sons also can play/sing and we have FUN as we go along... always room for a another ... I will contact some of  those on this forum. Thanks for your encouragement.  

Add Me.  I play Expert Bass and Guitar.  i have 256 songs.  I have RB Beatles, Guitar Hero Metallica.   Feel Free to add me. I have all DLC for Beatles and Metallica games.  

Add me if you want, I play expert vocals....medium/hard everything else.

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