I like to play Domination, Demolition, and Headquarters, but mostly Domination. My K/D is not good so I make up for it by capturing and defending. I am a rusher, not a camper. My kids used to play but they are usually playing something else now so I really need some teammates. I'm not looking for a clan. I have been playing alone but it would really be nice to have some people who can be helpful. I don't want anyone who talks all the time or screams profanities. I talk when I think I may have information that may be helpful to my teammates. I live in Florida so I'm on Eastern time and I'm on usually from 10 PM - 2 AM. 

Either reply to this post or send me a friend request. My "gamertag" is iWeToddEd


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You can send me a request but you have to promise to play Kinect adventures with me. I just got Dead Island but will make time for COD this weekend, I live in MD so Im on around those times as well

i would play with you ,dom,headquarters ,ground war,im 42,but live in uk gmt so the timing would be out a bit but my gamertag is nsfc4444,i do play late some nights so may link up

add me im always playing domination..my K/D isnt the best but im more of an objective player.i also live on the east coast so time shouldnt be a problem

you guys can feel free to add me.  i only play domination. k/d is about 1.11.  east coast time as well.

i love to play domination and sometimes hq and demo with occasional s&d.

im sixteen and a girl though so you know i talk alooot lol. if anyone would like to play just send me a message and i'll get you added. im on central time zone btw.