Looking for BLACK OPS QS/KF Clan! Xbox 360.

Hello everyone, and good day!

This post is regarding Black Ops clans.

I am looking for a Quickscoping clan for Call Of Duty: Black Ops.
I have a low K/D (0.67), but please pay no attention to that because this account has not always been mine. The guy who owned it before me had a K/D of 0.23 and I have been working to get it up. Anyway, I am good at what I do.

My current online rank is 11th Prestige. I should have 12th either tomorrow or the next day.

I have been been apart of many clans, some you may have heard of and some you may not have. Here is a list of a few:

  1. TeamVictorySniping
  2. SoaR
  3. AK47
  4. FEAR
  5. TITAN
  6. Team Armageddon
  7. Team FEED [Not a QS'ing clan, but a killfeed clan]

And a few others, but they were mainly for fun so I'm not going to count myself as a legit member of those.


I would love to tryout for QS'ing, Trickshotting, and Killfeeding. Any or all.

I am willing to change my name, but it would have to wait till I got paid.

Just message me on xbox, or a reply on here.

Gamertag: VictoryxSmokexx
THANK YOU and have a good day of gaming.

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