Looking for BF4 Players

GT - chocolatebear80

Looking to clan up


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Xbox One

GT = Rich Cashster  (team player)

I seem to suck right now. Getting used to controller and 60 fps, but love it. I was much better on 360, but its a learning process.

Could always use a few more people to team up with as I'm currently the only one of my friends to get an Xbox One at launch.

GT= Doct0r Dreidel

Like Rich Cashster said, I'm struggling to adjust but I play more for the fun than anything else really.

Add me for the Xbone..  Willing to play any kit except sniper.  Prefer conquest or Rush.

GT = Daville06

Mostly just play conquest. Add me if you want to play. On late at night mostly.

I've added you all cheers!

I don't mind playing any class (am so bad at sniper though), I work shifts so play at different times of the day so could be early or late in the evening/night.

BF4 has got a 100% XP at the moment so good time to level up!

Hope to see you all on!

add me im lookng to clan up

You can add me for clan or just casual, only one of my friends have Xbox one so... hit me up.