Looking for Bessie, Tsunami and Avenger.

Hi does anyone have any of those pearls above that they would dupe/trade with me, i have some nice loot up for trading if you can get me one of those guns listed, lvl66+ would be prefered.

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Easily found them with Crawmerax.......After about 50 tries.

i think his looking for an upgrade of the ones he already have or i could be wrong.

yeah crysis your right i have these guns already just looking to uprade.

Foomberry do u wanna trade/dupe? i got loot that i can trade for these guns.

Sadly my copy of Borderlands is ruined and can't get another copy at the moment...

awww that sucks, how did it get ruined?

well if anyone else wants to trade just post :)

Well if i do find any of those listed guns,id be more then willing to give it away. I did have a bessie,until i erased the game like a retard. I might start giving away most of my guns since,i hardly ever play this game as much as i used to. I have almost all the orange guns in the game hehehe.

yeah that would be cool are you sure you dont want any thing in return? feel bad taking the guns for free :p