Looking for an Xbox One BF4 community.

Hey everyone I am looking for a community of players that play on Xbox One the main game I play at the moment is BF4 but I also own AC4 and Forza. I will play any game I can get my hands on. I am 27 and live on the east coast.


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Tired of immature and obnoxious kids ruining your xbox live experience? Do you have a life outside of gaming?? I want you to check out Fractured Gamers!! We are a 18+ mature clan looking for new members. What makes us unique is our clan is focused on the member, not jumping through hoops, we don't even have tryouts, you join simply by saying you want to be part of it. We offer a squeaker free environment, clan tourneys, member game nights, and have many other game divisions such as MW3, BF4, COD ghosts, GTA V, Borderlands 2, Minecraft, Forza, HALO 4 etc. that you can check out as well. Most importantly the men and women here are laid back and friendly, we don't judge you on your gaming ability, we want members with great personalities who enjoy friendly competition. If you are interested check out our website and look around. If you have any further questions feel free to get a hold of me on xbox live, my GT is Dirk Pike, or you can pm me at our website.


lots of our members are on xbone and living on bf4 nightly , they also have forza fifa and ryse - they play for fun and to chat so pop by and have a look www.gamerkitten.com

Great to find so many welcoming clans in one quick search guys :)

I'm waiting for my friends to all get Xbox ones at the moment so i'm looking to play some bf4 as well. I'm 27 and live on the east coast as well add me if you want  gamertag: FM DUBZ

Add me I play bf4 mostly always looking for ppl to squad up

go here to join my RoG Battlefield 4 Brigade for Xbox One!



looking for more pople to play with as well GT: manky Kong

I sent you a PM and Xbox Live Message with instructions

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