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Looking for an Xbox game that is close to this: Is multiplayer in some way Not extremely complex and hard to get into Lets you continue playing after the story is over has lots of armor, weapons, and treasure to collect. Like a dungeon crawler The only RPG I own for xbox is Eternal Sonata. I love it but it's not multiplayer and doesn't have much to do after beating the game. Something close to an MMORPGs gameplay would be nice

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hmm, try Borderlands. Fallout 3 can be extended with DLC but its not MP. But both F3 and Fallout New vegas will last you for literally 100s of hours without MP

You can try Two Worlds II, Fable II, Fable III, and Crimson Alliance...

I'm playing Crimson alliance right now and it's a lot of fun.

Is the game real short with nothing to do after?

Are there lots of equipment to collect?

What's the difference between trial characters, and the paid ones?

You can keep playing and there is lots of stuff to get.  When you unlock the characters you can get the achievements, level up higher, get better gear, and it makes the online gameplay more fun.  If you want a single player hack-n-slash RPG, I would highly recommend Torchlight.  Torchlight has unlimited dungeons and gear that you can upgrade through enchanting and socketing with gems.

Why not try picking up Phantasy Star Universe or Final Fantasy XI, both of which are MMOs.

Dead Island, its everything you explained except it has no armor.

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Dead Island, its everything you explained except it has no armor.

[/quote]I came in here planning to recommend that as well

Fable 2, Fable 3. Best bet.