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ok i completed the campaign on mage difficulty, and have tried the arch enemy mode and i have come close (ish) but i just can't beat the 1st guy nevermind complete it lol so anyone wanna team up and go co op???????


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If you have the blue deck fully unlocked, for most of them up to Sorin you can just use Jace, with the AI also being Jace. We'll just say there are some nifty combos with the Illusions.


I finished 7 matches using that combo, sorin I had to go to my blue/black deck.

u can send me a friends request ive gotten half way through the archenemy campaign on arch mage difficulty. havent gotten to play to much just yet as i have a 8 week old daughter.

Please feel free (to anyone) to send me a FR.  I already have some great friends who play this game and it would be nice to have a few more.  

I'll play any mode, since DotP is my favorite arcade game (with the original DotP being my 2nd favorite...LOL).  I haven't played Archenemy yet, but I did finish the campaign a couple of days ago, so I do have all of the decks.

Now I'm working on getting all of the unlocks for each deck.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Yeah I haven't tried archenemy yet, add me if you want... finished campaign n revenge, just unlocking cards now...

ty i'm a novice lol only played it on my xbox lol but i'll send invites