Looking for Achievement Help (Auctioneer, Sniper, Entrepreneur)

Hi, I'm looking for some help getting the following three achievements:



Sell a car in the Auction House.


Win an auction by outbidding someone.


Sell a Tuning Setup, Design, or Vinyl Group from your storefront.


There is a guide here:



If you are interested in helping, please message me. If you wish, I can help you boost these achievements as well, or any achievements in games that we both have. I have a secondary account to help boost the "Sniper" Achievement for both of us.


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sure i can help ya just make the prices free and low

name a vinyl group with your gamertag and i'll buy one

Anybody want to help me get my final online achievment Entrepreneur.

I dont have any friends as i've only just signed upto gold

I will buy 1 4 u. Send me the name of 1 of your uploads and i will buy it.


Tuning setup

File Name: Top Speed

It's a bit rubbish, It's my first go at a tune.

for any achievement help, check out TA/tell them I sent you :)

Hi guys! is there anyone willing to help me out with the achievement "Entrepreneur"? would appreciate the help ^^

Hi everybody, I have a question about forza 4. I have being playing Forza 4, and I have lost all my cars, also my money that I have won so far, also all the maps that I was racing is gone. But the only thing is that all my stuff are saved in my hard drive in my xbox 360 pro, could someone tell me how to get everything back to the way it was before please.

Hi, I'm PinkSatinBomber and I need help selling a vynyl group from my store. I'd be glad to help you with achievements also and if you want to sign me up as your friend that would be terrific too.